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A quick meet & greet, talking about your business in the future, discussing how technologies could help.

A site visit or analysis shows business owners the current state of affairs. We will advice on how to leverage on new technologies to increase both quality and quantity of the business looking into the near and far future.

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Think & Design

Our designs can include anything from IT roadmaps to wire-frames. Functional or Technical.

At a minimum, it will contain an organised list of requirements that can be used for further development & discussion. Others could entail system architecture, interfaces, infrastructure and best practices or use cases.

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Create & Implement

We take the lead in making small or large scale web-based tools for your business.

Here we can help you with anything from enterprise solutions to online configurations, e-Commerce solutions to interactive buildings, mobile apps to digital displays— anything to enhance your business and its exposure.

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We are IT consultants, designers and developers

Canneman / Cormont consists of a small group of people with a knack for business IT, specialized in large buildings, such as: venues, malls and airports. Founded in Singapore from 2010 by Richard Canneman & Jelmer Cormont.

"We believe that improving customer experience and operational excellence, combined with the addition of feature technology on-site, should be the major strategic goals for truly sustainable IT innovation."

Understandably, (information) technology is seen as a major ingredient for sparking change towards a more innovative business models. Either to impress potential customers and visitors, as well as towards efficiency improvements for the existing operations. Therefore we like to direct primary attention to the following areas:

  • Customer Experience – the improvement of the “experience” for all stakeholders.

  • Operational Excellence – the improvement of efficiency levels from business process.

  • Feature Technology – the addition of “technology to impress” on-site or online

Canneman Cormont Office Building

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Strategic Driver: Operational Excellence

"We believe that improving customer experience and operational excellence, combined with the addition of feature technology on-site, should be the major strategic goals for truly sustainable IT innovation."

Operational Excellence is considered to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing business model. Or maybe even explore options for new business models and revenue streams.

The achievement of any IT scheme is joined to user adoption. We help clients develop programs to train their workforce and organize their infrastructure to accomplish enterprise-wide buy-in for the new schemes and exceptional come back on their expertise investments.

Business model

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Strategic Driver: Feature Technology

"We believe that improving customer experience and operational excellence, combined with the addition of feature technology on-site, should be the major strategic goals for truly sustainable IT innovation."

The introduction of “feature technology” provides an excellent means to reinvigorate the customer experience and/or operational excellence on-site.

These are some obvious, impressive uses of technology* (hardware and e.g. multimedia) that highlight the renewed modern character of a building.

* Note that these are examples of implemented features, and the options are by no means limited to ideas like these; anything achievable with devices small or large, or connected, intelligent content management software is within reach with the right project methodologies and expertise.

  • Suntec Singapore Big Picture
  • Suntec Singapore Largest HD LED Video wall
  • Salto Digital locks
  • Suntec Singapore Interactive Touch Screens
  • Video Analytics Number plate recognition
  • In Room Control System

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Strategic Driver: User Experience

"We believe that improving customer experience and operational excellence, combined with the addition of feature technology on-site, should be the major strategic goals for truly sustainable IT innovation."

To be able to focus effort towards improving customer experience and operational excellence, and integrating feature technology, we use a user-centric requirements evaluation model.
Each user of an integrated system that a future building provides (consisting of all online and offline technology and communications), should be able to perform all steps in a comfortable and predictable manner. A set of user journeys can be used to find gaps and improve scenarios for each user’s overall experience.

It is important to note that user journeys touch upon (digital) user interfaces as well as the business process and business communication as a whole. The parts of the organization not visible from the current perspective are considered a black box; implementation is not important for the user (perspective) except for some non-functional requirements such as timing, security and reliability.

Improving user experience is largely related to optimizing information flows in and out of this black box, whether automatically generated, or a part of the larger business process. Since information flows for one perspective relate to information flows for another perspective, user journeys are often interrelated: streamlining an entire business process would entail a look at all perspectives.

User Interface Experience

Meet the people who make it all happen

Surround yourself only with good people!

Richard Canneman

Richard Canneman

Senior Consultant

"Its the experience that makes the difference."
Given PC-Dos 1.0 at a young age by his father, after 15+ years of entrepreneurial behavior within the IT industry, keeping up to date with the movement of new technologies though his affinity with computers, a valuable asset to the team.

Jelmer Cormont

Jelmer Cormont

Lead Architect

"Everything you can imagine... is real!"
As consultant and IT developer, Jelmer has a profound understanding of how things work. Complexity is his favourite puzzle, simplicity his favourite answer. As a true architect he has a vision and can plan its execution.

Goh Pei Yong

Goh Pei Yong

Senior Consultant

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Interactivity on the fly, ideation on rich experiences. Since the dawn of the Web, the general browsing experience of many applications have been enhanced and improved by Goh.

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Unlock the power of top down, agile user-centric approaches

Video Analytics Feeds from CCTV cameras can be used to enhance visitors’ experience.
It can double as data about presence and number of people. Enhancements can be used to trigger certain events such as alerting a staff member.
IoT Every physical thing around us can be connected to the internet. Advertising
Mobile Local concierge services on any device, responsive design. Concierge App
Legacy Skins Creation of easy to use interfaces for inter-operatablity between legacy systems and cloud technologies. Legacy Skins
Tablet POS Tablet-based Point of Sale system design, integrated with NetSuite and connectivity to other ERP systems. Tablet POS
UI / UX Building Management Application Interfaces. BMS interfaces
Social Media Integration and engagement. Social
E-Commerce Solutions Fortune 500 clients use our e-Commerce solutions. e-Commerce
World's Largest Screen Creation of the world's largest HD screen according to the Guinness Book of Records. The Big Picture
Big Data: Interactive Taxi Stand Using live data feeds with GPS coordinates from local taxi companies, populating a map with reserved, free and busy taxi's nearby. Predicting their behaviour on live interactive displays. Interactive Taxi Stand
Websites Web-based experiences, Search engine optimization, content management, API development for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies. websites
User Portal Interactive Customer Portals. UserPortal
Faceted Search Engine Super fast and free word text search technology to browse large databases of items in seconds. Faceted Search
EDM Automated content segmentation and delivery. EDM
Information Signage New revenue streams through utilization of wall space. Signage
Suntec Singapore 2K25 Renovation Project A perfect example of top-down, user-centric requirement scoping. Integrated system design starting from a functionality brief. Suntec Renovation Project
In-Room Controls Interactive Building solutions, living tomorrow, using your phone or touch screens to control, temperature, light, sounds, etc. In Room Controls
Wi-Fi Generate additional revenue in the "cubical" space. WiFi
PayRoll Cloud Fast, flexible payroll calculations. PayRoll

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- Good communication skills